Bioluminescent Bay And Other Things To Do In Puerto Rico

Bioluminescent Bay (often called Bio Bay) is Puerto Rico’s key tourist destinations. The water luminescence is triggered by dinoflagellates, oceanic plankton which is able to generate an emerald green and ultramarine illumination when water is physically disturbed. Dinoflagellates are incredibly delicate microorganisms and are very sensible to the environment conditions such as balance of salt in the water, local climate, deepness of lagoon, air and water pollution, etc. Each one of these the aspects make bio bay a one of a kind, vulnerable ecosystem.

Map of Bioluminescent Bays in Puerto Rico

Unique light is an ordinary chemical response forced by tiny creatures which typically respond by giving off the light collected in the daytime. As a result, the best possible view of bio-luminescence comes after a sunny day. The ideal time frame to encounter the luminous bio bay water phenomenon, also referred to as phosphorescence of the sea, is at night. Having said that, the conditions might be affected by moonlight and extreme surrounding lights. Despite the fact that kayaking with a full moon is a memorable experience, it is not the most desirable period to explore the glow of bioluminescent bay. Plan in advance look at the moon calendar. Moonlight is usually too bright for the first 6 days prior to a full moon. Normally, the darker sky, the more desirable watching conditions are. The intense neon illumination happens to be more noticeable with least light pollution.

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Laguna Grande in Fajardo

Bioluminescent Bay Laguna Grande in Fajardo, Puerto Rico is the nearest to San Juan and easily accessible bio bay. It boasts of being the second most active luminescent bay on the island, features amazing night scenery and thriving concentration of glowing microorganisms.

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Mosquito Bay in Vieques

Mosquito Bay in Puerto Rico, also known as Puerto Mosquito Bioluminescent Bay, lies on the south coast of Vieques. It is, for sure, the healthiest and best preserved lagoon sanctuary of bioluminescence in the world. Even with the slightest agitation, the marine microorganisms release a neon luminescence.

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La Parguera in Lajas

Lajas is a southwestern municipality of Puerto Rico located between of Cabo Rojo and Guánica, on the southern coast of the island facing the Caribbean Sea. Lajas is home for another bioluminescent bay – La Parguera Biobay (La Bahía Fosforescente).

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